Hamilton Ricard speaks out about his time at Boro

Hamilton Ricard is a former Colombian player that used to be part of Middlesbrough’s team back in the late 90’s. Eyap.gr spotted him and gave us an unforgetable interview about his bright career.


He is the top scorer for Middlesbrough in the Premier League, having also played in many other countries including Cyprus with the APOEL FC jersey.





Q: Hamilton, you started as a very promising talent. You made fantastic appereances with Deportivo Cali. What happened and you decided to chose Middlesbrough?

H: For me, it wasn’t hard to decide. I always wanted to play in the Premier League, and Middlesbrough, gave me this opportunity and it was fantastic. I am proud of having done it playing in England.


Q: How you feel, knowing the fact that you are the top goalscorer of Middlesbrough in Premier League?

H: I am very proud of having achieved this record. It is difficult to hold those records but it is very good to know that there are people who notice and keep you reminding those achievements.



Q: You were an idol in Riverside. Fans used to cheer your name yelling “Ham the Man” in every match. What does it mean for you to be recognised as one of the best players in the club’s modern history?

H: It’s fantastic. All of this, is the product of a good job, of having had some very good teammates and a great technical team. Those people who always say your name and have you as an idol is something priceless and I’m proud of all that thanks to the fans


Q:Five beautful years in England. 132 appereances, 43 goals (some of theme extraordinary). Which one was the best moment for you in the club?

H: I think my best moment was the first appearance in the Premier League against Aston Villa, without discounting the other years that were also good


Q: You have played along with many great footballers, such as Paul Gascoigne, Mark Schwartzer. Nigel Pearson in England, Jorge Bermudez, Faustillo Asprilla, Rene Higuita with the Colombian national team. Which one of them used to admire more?

H: It is a difficult question because those players that you mention to me were great Paul Gascoigne and Faustino are the recognized ones but the others are also great players. I played with Paul longer and I think he is a great English football player and had a special technique. So i would choose him as an idol.



Q: You are a great journeyman. You have played in so many countries, something that makes you a man full of experience. Which one was the best country you’ve played, besides England.

H: Although i had the oppotunity to play in lots of countries, and everything went well, besides England, i would stick up with Uruguay. I won several titles and I was chosen the best player of the decade. This is something unforgetable for me


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Q: In 2002, you had accident.and some time later you were banned for 12 months while playing for Emelec. Did that accident affected your career?

H: The accident was a very unfortunate incident. The van turned over, and we were injured inside the car, which was in poor condition. But then i continued played in Ecuador and in Japan, but not in the form i used to play.


Q: You have quite a big recognision on Boro fans. Would you like to leave a message for them?

H: My message is that it is always a pride to know that people remember you, love you and admire you for everything you have given them in such a short time. I would be very happy to have you with me again and I hope once, i’ll be able to join you again. Thanks. Thank you all.


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Columnist: Fanis Agritellis